Sr. Pier Carla Barone - Coordinator of Religious Education

Sr. Pier Carla BaroneSister Pier Carla Barone was born in a little mountain town in the Abruzzi Region in the Southern part of Italy. She was very much involved in the youth groups of the only Church parish where the Daughters of Divine Providence, her community now, had ministered for twenty years.

She was 19 years old when she followed God's call and left for Rome, where she entered the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Providence. After the three years of training she was sent to Switzerland to minister to the children of the Italian immigrants in that Protestant country.

There was a need of more sisters from Europe here in the United States to teach in the many new Catholic Schools opening in the 1970's so, in 1969, along with two other young sisters, she came to the States. They lived in Metairie at Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish. Not knowing the English language, she had to attend Dominican College in New Orleans for 3 years. In 1974 there was again a great need for religious in the poor schools in New Jersey, and she, along with two sisters left for Camden and joined three other communities to teach in teo inner city schools. The students came from different cultural backgrounds, mostly Spanish and Afro-American. Because of her studies she was called back to Rome in 1981 where she attended the international College, Regina Mundi. She was ready to return to the States when she was asked to go and open a Mission Convent in India along with three other young sisters. Because of the Visa problems she stayed in India for three months the first time but she returned later for a much longer time. In the 1980's it was not easy to apply for a long Visa in that country so she returned to the States in the fall of 1984 and went to St. Mark Church Parish in Chalmette, where she was Religion Coordinator for the school and parish until August 29th when Hurricane Katrina flooded the Church, school and convent.

Sister Pier Carla Barone is a Daughter of Divine Providence and it was God's Providence that she was able to find another place that she can call home here at St. Joan of Arc Parish in LaPlace. She is very grateful to God for the gift of hospitality showed by the people here, especially Father Billy, Mr. Bourgeois and all the people for such a warm welcome. She hopes to be at service here for a long time.


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