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Holy Father's Prayer Intention for May 2018

May 16, 2018 News & Updates

That the lay faithful may fulfill their specific mission by responding with creativity to the challenges that face the world today. Read More »

Ordination Information

May 16, 2018 News & Updates

All are invited to the ordination of Dominic Joseph Arcuri and Cletus Okwuchwu Orji to the priesthood of Jesus Christ by prayer and the laying on of hands on Saturday, June 2 at ten o'clock in the morning at the Cathedral of St. Louis King of Fra… Read More »

Vocation Chalice Program

April 12, 2018 News & Updates

Vocations Awareness Sunday is April 22nd. We will begin our Vocations Chalice Program on this date where parishioners will take home a consecrated chalice and commit to prayer for the week. We invite parishioner to sign up to host a chalice by comple… Read More »

Ministry Outreach: March 10/11

February 23, 2018 News & Updates

Our first weekend of "mini" Ministry Outreach will be an opportunity to learn more about assisting in Liturgical Ministries.  We will have information on becoming an Altar Server, Lector, Minister of Holy Communion, Minister of Hospita… Read More »

Safe Haven Sunday

February 16, 2018 News & Updates

This weekend we have been asked to address the  harmfulness of pronography and other online threats in marriages, family life and culture. We will distribute a book entitled: The Equipped 7-Day Challenge that is designed to help parents and othe… Read More »


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