Children's Liturgy of the Word

St. Joan of Arc is pleased to announce an opportunity each week at our 9:30AM Mass for the youngest children of our community to respond to Jesus' love for them as expressed in the Gospel message of the week. These weekly sessions join in the Church's mission to hand on Jesus' good news to all nations and every NEW generation.

 Listening to God's Word allows the children to connect their experiences - their life stories - with the story, as they proclaim, dramatize, and celebrate the Gospel. Building Christian Community provides opportunities for the children to put the Gospel into practice in ways appropriate to their age levels.

This experience is brought to life through hands-on activities, creative dramas, story telling, ritual, prayer, games, and singing. Participation in the SJA Pre-School of Religion Program is free and open to all families attending the 9:30AM Mass Liturgy of the Word with children 3 - 6 years of age who are potty trained. The program is NOT a babysitting service, but a full participation in the Gospel message. 




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