Adult Education

The Church’s catechetical mission aims to help the faithful of all ages to grow in both human and Christian maturity, enriching the whole of life with the leaven of the Gospel. - Excerpted from Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us: A Pastoral Plan for Adult Faith Formation in the United States

We recognize that our faith life in Christ is a life long journey. It is the goal of the Adult Faith Formation Program to assist each individual to come to a greater understanding of their faith, a deepening of their spirituality, and an expression of their life in Christ. We aim to help them become signs of the presence of God in our midst, and bearers of the Good News of salvation. Programs such as Adult Confirmation, RCIA, Bible Studies, Catechism Surveys, and Mission events and speakers are just some of the offerings throughout the Liturgical year. Please check the bulletin for announcements of special and ongoing sessions and consider joining with us on the journey!


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